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Tiered Pricing

When you make the decision to send your child to Bible camp, you are making a choice that will impact your child’s life long after the week at camp is over.  Spending time in community with joyful worship, loving counselors, caring peers, the beauty of nature, and a focus on the life-changing love of Jesus is something that is hard to duplicate.  In a world full of distractions, Bible camp is a place where kids can freely grow in the confidence that they are beloved children of God.  The seeds of faith that are planted at camp will continue to grow long after a camper leaves, guiding and sustaining them in so many ways.  If we are serious about empowering our young people to become believers and even leaders in the church, we must consider the significant role that Bible camp plays. 

How do you put a price on an experience like this that can change a life forever?  Green Lake Lutheran Ministries prioritizes making this invaluable camp experience affordable for families.  Each year, through our campership program, we strive to make sure everyone has the chance to attend camp.  However, as the cost of camp has increased over time, our fees have not increased at the same rate.  To help bridge the gap between the true value of camp and our actual fees, we are introducing something called “tiered” pricing.   We believe whole-heartedly in the life-long value of camp, and assigning a nominal fee is difficult.  However, we feel that a full week of camp has a value of $800.00 and we have based our tiers on that. 

Understanding that the value of camp is hard to put a price tag on, Tier 3 represents the true cost of the time that your camper will spend at camp. The tier that you choose to pay is completely up to you. Your camper's experience will be life-changing regardless of the tier you pick-paying tier 3 or going to camp on a scholarship will not change that. We can't wait to see you at camp this summer as we gather, build community, and ignite and feed our faith together.

If you have questions, please contact us in the camp office at (320) 796-2181

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